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Some of the yarn sitting and taunting me

Rowan Cork

I got the Zoe Mellor ‘Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots’ for Christmas last year and have been dying to knit it for my youngest.  However the Rowan Cork yarn has been discontinued.  I managed to pull a few balls of it together from Ebay but not enough for the pattern – I think I might try it without the hood, should just about scrape by.  (However will probably have to wait until next winter as we are nearly in Feburary!)

memoirsclose up of memoirs

I got 10 skeins of Berroco’s Memoirs yarn from Elann a few months ago.  It feels so nice I’ve been trying to figure out what to knit with it.  I think that I’d like to do something with some lace work,  the subtle colours would work best with that I think.

Rowan Tapestry

Another lovely yarn that I’ve got stashed here in the office is the Rowan Tapestry in Pot Pouri.  I love the colours and the feel of the yarn and I’m trying to figure out what to use it for to do it justice.  I guess that’s the problem with having such special yarn, you find yourself almost afraid to use it as the end product needs to be a beautiful as the yarn.

Finished second sock…not from the same pair though!

Toddler sock

Ok, just to make sure that I have as many unfinished pieces in my house as possible I started another pair of socks. This time they are for my almost 2 year old son.  I love the colourway of this opal yarn, I knitted a pair for my mother last Christmas and it looks like there is enough left to finish a toddler pair also.  Hopefully the remaining yarn will hold out to finish the second one!  I can’t believe how much faster it is to knit this size rather than a man’s version.

One sock finished

finished lana grossa sock

I am so pleased that I have eventually finished this sock. I know it’s not much of a birthday present, but surely one sock is better than none! The finished product feels very substantial but not sure I’ll be choosing Lana Grossa again. I need to psych myself up to get started on the second one now. Please send words of encouragement my way.

As a slight diversion I have started on another pair of socks – this time for my 2 year old ds. There was some of a ball of Opal yarn left from last years socks for my mother and I have been meaning to make him a pair since then. I just love working with this yarn, it knits up so effortlessly. Maybe by the time I have the second one finished it will give me the courage to get started back on making the mate for the above sock.

The Eternal sock

Eternal socks

Eternal socks

I think that this sock is the slowest item I have ever knit. I got the Lana Grossa Mega Boot stretch yarn last year and 12 months later I am still not finished with the first sock. They are for my husband who would like just a plain simple sock and as they are knitting up they look like the will be very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately there really isn’t much interest in knitting a plain stockinette sock! Also, the yarn is two strands twisted together which keeps on snagging. This means that even though it is a simple stitch you have to keep watching what you are doing. Hopefully I’ll have the first one finished this weekend!

I am knitting there using my lovely Addi circular needles using the magic loop. I find it very hard to go back to dpn after using circular needles!

Blackberry Finished!

blackberry frontBlackberry back

I finished the Blackberry cardigan this weekend and I’m very happy with how it turned out. It is amazingly warm – so for once I’m hoping for cold weather. I worked it from the top down and made the arms a good bit narrower and longer than on the pattern. I think I ended up with a slightly longer length as well – about 21 inches. For the border I added some short rows at the back of the neck for a higher shawl collar and I added a few stitches at the front edge so that it had a bit more give at the curved edge.

The brooch came from Newbridge

and was a Christmas present to myself. It works well with the cardigan but I’ve got to be careful not to snag the knitting.

My Cable Progress

blackberry cable

Here is photo of my progress last weekend on the shoulder of my Blackberry. I’m pleased with how the cable is turning out. The cable is from The Harmony Guides – 220 Aran Stitches. I’ve just finished both arms now and have picked up the stitches for the body and am starting on that. The weather is so cold and wet here at the moment I wish that this cardigan was finished so that I could wear it. Every time I try on just the arms they feel so warm I am tempted to just wear it with the needles still in!

I finished a set of Dashing for my brother as a belated Christmas present. They are made from a charcoal grey Kilcarra Donegal Tweed wool that worked well. The cables on the wrist are a little tight but they seem to be stretching out!Dashing

Selfish knitting

After the last several weeks spent knitting for Christmas presents I’ve had a chance to get started on a project for myself this week. I got some Rowan Chunky print yarn in a lovely dark chocolate and have started on the Blackberry shrug from Knitty.


I am knitting it from the top though with a few more changes. Having recently gotten a copy of Barbara Walkers ‘Knitting From the Top’ I am finding as many excuses in my knitting to work from the top down. Especially when it is for yourself it means that you get a great fit. (Not so important if you don’t have the person around who will be wearing it …or if that person doesn’t want to try it on daily for fitting!)

I have put in a slightly different cable on the arm and left out the bobbles. Also I am tapering the arms a little more and increasing the length of the arms and body. I think I’ll probably do some short rows at the back of the next, I like cosy necks. Will post some photos as I start making a bit more progress.

Hello world!

I have finally managed to make it into the blogging world!  I’m new to all this so it will probably take me a while to get used to keeping it updated regularly but I’ll try my best.  Last month I had my first pattern published in Knitty called Doddy
This pattern really came about by accident, I had a couple of balls of Knit Picks Shine Worsted delivered to me from the States and it felt so soft I couldn’t wait to get knitting.  However I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to knit so I just started making interesting shapes.  Before I knew it I had knit this: