Monthly Archives: April 2008

Monkeying around

I’m trying hard to master (ok – so not trying all that hard, more meaning to try hard in the future!!) our new camera.  It is so very beautiful and the first ‘real’ camera with functions beyond the basic click and go that we have had but it’s a bit intimidating.  I am mentally adding to my ‘to do’ list the need to sit down and read the instruction booklet and take a few days away from my knitting so that I can master some of the more interesting functions.

First up on my knitting is my machine knit hoodie (not that it has a hood yet!) for my second son.  It is made from Knit Picks Shine Sport that he has totally fallen for.  Every now and then I catch him rubbing the knitting and grinning happily.

son's hoodie

Is it just my own little obsession but I really LOVE stripes for children’s knitwear.  Especially for little boys – you can’t use lace, they don’t appreciate complicated cable work but give them lots of colour and they’re happy.

My Monkey socks are coming along nicely in my spare time.  They are my ‘filler’ project, when I don’t feel up to anything else.  I am on my last repeat before the toe now so not too far now.

monkey in progressmonkey detail

I have several half finished patterns for little girl dresses for my niece that I have been meaning to get together and put on the website.  If anyone is interested in baby dress patterns let me know – it might spur me on to actually get them together!

Clapotis Finished…and lots more knitting

I have been a very bad blogger for the last few weeks.  Life became very busy and writing (or actually even thinking) about knitting just didn’t seem to happen.  While knitting itself is the most wonderfully relaxing of activities designing and blogging definately take more brain activity!  I’ve been trying to dredge up some interesting project ideas for new summer tops and I think I’ve got a few that may work.  Now I just need to get them written and knitted!

But I do at least have a finished project that has come out nicely.. My Clapotis in Rowan Tapestry is going to be a very useful addition to my wardrobe.

Clapotis - finished

and for a closer look…

clapotis detail

I’ve also started with my version of Monkey in Araucania Ranco Multi sock yarn.  As soon as I get the hang of our new camera I will take a photo of it.  When I wound the skein first of all I though the colours were too muted looking but as I’m working with it they are growing on me!  I am finding the yarn beautiful to knit with, soft but solid feeling and the needle rarely snags it.  I think I’ll be using this yarn again – maybe I’ll go for a brighter yarn next time.

I am also working on a couple of projects on my knitting machine (I got a  Silver Reed LK150 for my birthday a few months ago).  I find it just great for large areas of stocking stitch, that you would use for a children’s jumper (sweater) but it is way to fiddly to use for any detail or ribbing.  I have perfected doing the edging by hand – hook it onto the machine to knit the stocking stitch and then put it back on the needles for the finishing around the neckline.  Unfortuately though my boys really like coloured stripes so I end up with an unimaginable amount of weaving in when I finish!  I’ll post the work in progress later this week.