Monthly Archives: June 2008

Lots of designing

My designing has been going well for the last few weeks.  It still amazes me how much pleasure I get from designing knitwear.  I really does bring together both the creative and mathematical side of my brain.  And best of all it is something I can actually do in short bursts with children running around (ok, so this doesn’t always work but sometimes!).  I keep knitting and/or paper on the high counter in the kitchen away from little fingers and whenever they are happily occupied I get to work on a few rows.  Having it up high means that if I’m needed I can just put it down where it is and know that it’s safe.  As a added bonus as most of my knitting ends up being done standing up I get to exercise my stomach muscles if I remember to stand straight.  Now if only it didn’t mean that I ended up with an aching lower back I’d really be sorted!

I’ve been so worried about messing up my knitting sample for the book that I am only knitting it at home where I can concentrate when I’m working on it.  With the result that I have actually ended up with a different project on the go for my knitting group.  I have changed the main cable pattern for the Robin Hood Jacket from the Zoe Mellor book and adjusted the sizes slightly but I have finished the back and half one front.  I really love this cable pattern.  – once all this summer knitting is done looking forward to getting back into a little cable work with some cozy yarns.

robin hood

Yes – those are my lovely harmony needles.  Truly magical for slippy yarns (not quite so critical for this project, but still nice!)

Painful frogging

I have just started knitting a top in the round from the bottom.  It is at a small gauge with a lovely yarn and I was really excited to be starting it.  I had knit around 10 rounds when I realised that I was in such a rush to get started that instead of a circle I’ve knitted a moebius.  Very beautiful but not much use if the knitted piece want to be used as a top.

So the frogging begins  …..  I swear I will never forget to untwist my stitches when I start again!!

Knitpicks Harmony Needles

I spoiled myself last week, I got a set of Knitpicks Harmony Needles from This is Knit.  The excuse I gave to myself is that I’m going to be doing so much knitting this summer that I really, really need a nice set of needles to make the job as easy as possible.

So far I’m really liking them.  A little bit of stick, a good point, and very pretty…now if they wear well I’ll be entirely pleased.

Actually speaking of needles, I can’t use straight needles, I find the weight on my arms to difficult.  Which is a shame really as I have quite a few sets of nice bamboo needles.  I find circular needles for working everything takes a lot more weight off my arms.

Busy Knitting..

Even though you wouldn’t know it from my blog I’ve been busy knitting – however as most of it has been for submissions I haven’t been able to blog about it!

I finished the project with the top down short row sleeve caps.  I’m very pleased with how it has turned out, I think it is an easier way of doing sleeve caps than trying to sew them in.  I also love to knit sleeves top down as you know that they will be just the right length.  Hopefully I can publish the pattern here or elsewhere in the next few months.

As I can’t show any current projects I thought I’d dig out a few ones that I worked on last year but never put the photos up.


I made this Urchin for my sister last Christmas from Jaeger Natural Fleece.  This yarn was wonderful for the project and I loved this colour.  However I also used this yarn in navy to make a jumper for my husband.  This in itself wasn’t a great idea as he never wears jumpers but it ended up so heavy that it has been renamed his ‘horse-blanket’.  However I think I may borrow it for really, really cold days!

Speaking of the weather, the summer has finally arrived here.  We went to Jamesfort in Kinsale over our long holiday weekend and it was so perfect.