Monthly Archives: August 2008

All busy here in Cork

I have been very busy on the knitting front for the past few weeks.  However my modem was broken so I have been running up and down to my parent’s house with a laptop to get my email.  As you can imagine this is not very conducive- to writing a relaxing blog post!

The test knitting for Eleanor is moving along well – anyone who is on Ravelry can take a look at the finished cardigan.  It turned out really nicely.

A few weeks ago I got the Fall Vogue magazine and I completely fell for the Hooded Pullover.  Now the last thing I need right now is another project but I just couldn’t resist!  I have tons of Kilcarra Donegal tweed aran weight in my stash here that I have been meaning to use for ages so I tried it out holding the yarn double.  I get exact gauge although the sweater is going to be so warm that I will need a Siberian winter to wear it!  I think I’ll replace the hood with a high collar, I’m not a very big hoodie person usually and the Donegal tweed is probably a bit scratchy around the head.

New pattern!

Eleaonr detail

Here is a little teaser of the cardigan that I finished for my sister last month. It was done using the top down set-in sleeves that I was working on and the result came out nicely!

I’m planning on having the pattern for sale up on Ravelry next month but I’m currently in the process of getting test knitters together to have all sizes test knitted. If anyone thinks they might be interested let me know!

Back from holidays

I’m back from my holidays in the UK. We spent a week in a yurt in Devon which was just heaven – if someone has told me that having all four little boys in a glorified tent for a week would be heaven I’d laugh at them but it was so perfect. The weather never rained, they could run free and we all went to bed at the same time at night. Needless to say knitting didn’t get much of a look in! The next week we were more civilized and stayed in a cottage so I did manage to finish Lucas’s Robin hood.

robin hoodrobin hood back

robin hood again

I was a bit worried about the fact that I had two such different colors in the yarn but I’m happy with the end result. I added raspberry stripes after the fact to the front bands and made the arms in stripes of the two colours. I’ve never tried striping a cable pattern before and I quite like the effect. As it was every two rows there was no need to break the yarn so it was tidy.

By the time I came to the hood there was only Raspberry yarn left so it is a solid colour. I had originally envisioned this striped also but it works still!

Best of all it is very loved by my son. In fact even though it is August (but not too warm) he wouldn’t take it off for bed last night.