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The Big Knit

I know a lot of you have probably already come across this already but it can’t hurt to see it again!

We thought you might like to know that we are just about to launch The Big Knit to help keep older people in Ireland warm this winter.

For every innocent smoothie sold in Topaz from 5th November, innocent and Topaz will donate €1 to the charity Age Action.

We’re aiming to knit a huge 20,000 little woolly hats and would love your help. If you’d like to get involved, email and we’ll send you some bits and pieces to help you get started.

Hats off to you,
innocent x

Lime With a Twist

Now that I have finished the pattern for ‘Eleanor’ I can start the finishing process for ‘Lime with a Twist’.

Lime with a Twist

Lime with a Twist

I finished this pattern earlier this summer and am finding it a very wearable cardigan. It is in a chunky weight cotton so it doesn’t take too long to knit.
I got one hank of Araucania Patagonia Nature cotton at the start of the summer and even though I loved the soft plush feel of the cotton and how it knitted I didn’t like it knitted in plain stocking stitch. I felt that the mottled color variations would work much better with a diagonal stitch pattern running though it. I played around with different patterns for a few days and ended up creating a variation from a Barbara Walker book that I felt showed up the mottled color variation of the yarn well.
The end result is an amazingly easy knit that I think looks much more complex then it was to knit.
I’m working with some test knitters at the moment and I’ll have this up for sale in the middle of November.

Nearly have my first pattern for sale!

For anyone who is waiting for the ‘Eleanor’ pattern, I am putting the finishing touches to the pdf and it should be ready for sale tomorrow.

It is amazing how much more longer all of these finishing touches take than you think.

I will have it for sale through ravelry and there will be a link to the pattern page from the side bar ‘Patterns for sale’.

Just put it up!

Back to the machine

I haven’t been using my knitting machine over the summer but over the past few weeks I’ve put it into action again.  I have just finished a simple fitted cardigan for my mother made from Berroco ‘Memoirs’. 

This yarn feels so light but due to the mohair it is really warm.  My mother feels the cold so a good combination for layering!  However I’m not sure this is the best yarn for machine knitting – it is made from two strands together and even though I kept the tension fairly loose it has quite a tendancy to snag.  In fact I managed to twist on of the needles in the process and had to change it.

Even though the knitting itself was simple with just some waist shaping, I added a large shawl collar at the end by hand in a 1×1 ribbing.  I love shawl collars, I really need to knit a cardigan for myself now with  one!

With this cardigan I tried out a tubular cast on for the first time.  It seemed a bit fiddly starting out but I like the finished effect.  From the knitting book I got the description there was a suggestion for a non-elastic yarn like cotton to pull some elastic through when you are pulling out the provisional cast one by tying it to the end.  I would like to see how that worked – must find a project that it would be good for!

I’m so happyt to have found a project for this yarn.  I bought it on sale and haven’t been able to figure out for over a year what I wanted to do with it!  I think simple works best, between the color changes and the mohair any amount of detail would just have been lost!