Monthly Archives: January 2009

Post-Christmas presents

I hope I’m not the only knitter out there who gives knitted presents after Christmas!  I’m not usually this bad but when we were away for the holidays it meant that all gifts really had to be ready mid-December with the result that the time has a habit of sneaking up on you.  My other excuse was that I had ordered the perfect yarn that was delivered to my in-laws so I couldn’t knit it until after Christmas!

The yarn I ordered was Handpanted Yarn Colonia 140 in Mediterrane colour.  This has got such beautiful colours I think it was worth the wait!  I knitted it while I was sick so I wanted a fast simple pattern for the scarf and the drop stitch scarf pattern was just perfect.  It has the added advantage of looking like waves to match the colours!

Pick ‘n Mix Hat Pattern for Sale

I want to thank anyone who has been waiting for this pattern for their patience.  I just put it up on Ravelry and it is available for purchase for $5.  It is a 7 page booklet with detailed instructions  on different increase types so you can add some variety to your hat knitting.  All of the hats are knit from the top down so you can make sure that you have a hat that will fit the intended head!
Click for more photos of the hats

Back from the Holidays

I didn’t mean to become such a poor blogger over the holidays but the weeks just passed by without me noticing. We went to Florida for a few weeks to visit my husband’s family and the heat was lovely. What was less lovely was everyone getting sick. By now all six of us have been sick since a week before Christmas with everyone except one better by now. I hope you are all having a cold/flu free New Year.
On a positive note, I brought a bag of Debbie Bliss ‘Prima’ on holiday with me and I finished knitting a summer top. I love the way it turned out, I can’t share the photos with you yet as it will be published in a few months but hopefully you’ll like it too.
My ‘Pick ‘n Mix’ hat pattern that was almost finished before the holidays was put on hold with traveling and colds but I should have it up for sale tomorrow.