Monthly Archives: February 2009

Beautiful Yarn

I’ve recently been purchasing several skeins of single yarns.  Each yarn is more beautiful than the last.

I think that my favourite of the lot that has arrived is Fyberspates ‘Squishy’.

It is a perfect name for what is really and truly a ‘squishy’ yarn.  It is sitting on my desk for the last few days I think I have finally decided what I’ll do with it (it will however need several companions!)

Knitting and design work have been hectic over the last few weeks.  But of course they are all in secret so I can’t tell you about them yet.  It makes for very boring blog entries!

Cold weather

The temperature is dropping here in Cork again, what a good excuse to get my heavy wool jumpers out!  It’s great as a knitter to have a positive side to cold weather.

I’ve been slowly working my way through a cotton hoodie for my oldest son.  I made one for him last Christmas and he has grown so much that it looks like a belly top on him now!  (Maybe it shrank a little in the wash too).  Last time around I just knitted a plain stocking st hoodie with bright colourful stripes.  However this time I had lots of one colour so I decided to add some cabling to add interest.  Now while the plain body flew I am now knitting 12 inches of a hood with cables on the front and it is taking me an eternity.  I really need to sit down for a day or two and just get it done so that I can move on to something else!