Summer Affair


The latest addition to my self-published patterns has just been added ‘Summer Affair‘.  This laceweight shrug was knit for my sister’s wedding in a few weeks time.  I wanted to create something really special for her, but neither of us wear shawls.  However I really love shrugs.  So I set out to create a pattern that has all of the pleasure of lace knitting, delicate and open but creates a piece that is very wearable.

The shrug is constructed as a simple lace rectangle, the sleeve are grafted together and then the shrug opening is knit from the live stitches you have left on your needle.  For added effect a ruffle is knitted at the back of the shrug with short rows.

I hope you all enjoy knitting this!

The photo below is my favourite, I love the shadow from the lace on the dress!

Summer Affair detail

Summer Affair detail

15 thoughts on “Summer Affair

  1. Awfulknitter

    Oh my goodness, that is one gorgeous shrug! And I was trying to resist adding another UFO to the pile but I’m feeling the urge to cast on…

  2. Kathy Van Schepen

    I just had to bookmark this and follow you on twitter…I am not sure how I stumbled upon your beautiful shrug, but it stopped me dead in my “etracks”!

  3. Deena

    This is breath taking! What size do your patterns go to? And are they written out or on charts?

  4. cindy valk-danish

    this is quite beautiful. are you still offering this as a free pattern?

  5. TerryLee

    this is so pretty, if you are offering this for free, i would love to have it.. it not i will have to buy the pattern., thanks so much.

  6. Leona Minckler

    I purchased this pattern awhile ago but am just getting around to making it now. The garter stitch ruffle definitely looks like garter stitch in the photo but the body appears to be stockinette lace contrary to the chart.

  7. carol Post author

    On the chart the open white square is labelled as ‘knit’ – this would be what it looks from the front of the work. Of course this is RS: Knit WS: Purl
    The ruffle is in garter stitch.

  8. Leona Minckler

    Thanks Carol. I’m glad I asked. I’m new to reading charts and prefer written directions.

  9. Bageria

    Wish you had a picture of the front of this. Does the pattern state what yarn you used? This is fantabulous! I’ve been looking for a shrug pattern for months now for my own wedding (I’m not a shawl person either.) I have looked at hundreds of lace patterns and none spoke to me until now. Can’t wait for payday to purchase the pattern.

    Also may I have permission to pin this to my Pinterest page with the link so people I know are able to see this pattern and will maybe purchase it themselves? Thanks

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