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Have you seen Craftsy?

When I was in TNNA last summer I met Stefanie Japel for the first time and we had so much fun chatting.  I have such admiration for her work it was overwhelming to actually meet her in person! She was telling me about a new website that she worked for called Craftsy. Of course I promptly forgot all about it and only rediscovered it recently. If you are a multi-crafter this site will be heaven for you. It crosses over many different crafting lines (knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, sewing, jewelry, felting and paper crafts to name a few). It started out as a place to show your project as well as doing online classes and workshops. In the last few weeks they’ve opened up a new pattern section.  I was hesitating about whether I wanted to take the many, many hours to list my patterns in a new venue but after exploring for a while I really wanted to be part of the site. I like the multidisciplinary approach and I think the way the patterns are listed are really clean and slick. So I’ve started the uploading job, it’s not totally finished yet but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be there! Some take a look at my page.

(BTW – thanks to DH I just figured out how to ‘snip’ from a webpage to get the above screen capture!)

My class in May at This Is Knit (seamless knitting – moving beyond the raglan) has sold out in record time.  I know there is a waiting list if you want to be added.  There are still spaces at my Hedgehog Fibres Short Row class, scroll down this page to book your spot.

Classes in May

It seems like quite a while since I’ve taught classes in Ireland so this May I won’t be just teaching one but two!  You can see full details here.

The first class will be at the Hedgehog Fibres studio (go check them out here) in Little Island.  For anyone not from Cork, this is just outside Cork city a little to the east so easy to access.  Here I’ll be teaching my short row class.  This is a great class to try out different ways of creating short rows and find one you really like.  After that you’ll learn just how to use them to shape your garments for a customised fit.

The next class will be on Seamless Knitting – moving beyond the raglan.  This class will be at This Is Knit in Dublin.  I’m really excited to get a chance to teach in their new shop, I saw it briefly last month and it looks like it would be a wonderful class space.  This class will look at different seamless construction techniques and will then go on to get everyone measured so they can create a perfect custom fitted garment for themselves.  There will be full details on how to create your own custom top down jumper with set in sleeves worked with short rows from the top down.  It should be lots of fun :)  This class is booking up quickly so you better be fast to nab a spot.

Taupo KAL

Ok everyone, we have our KAL winner!  Taupo just beat Ignus by a hair so this will be our first KAL from Scrumptious Knits.  To get you all started you can get either the pattern Taupo or the entire Scrumptious Knits booklet with 25% off if you enter coupon code TaupoKAL. Remember to use the coupon code you have to ‘Add To Cart’ (don’t use ‘buy now’) and you will have the option at the bottom of the pop up window of entering the code.  The code will be valid until the end of the month when the KAL begins.

We’ll get the knitting started on the 1st of March, up to that you can get going with yarn choices.  If you’re looking for some help and suggestions come and post at my ravelry group here.  I’ll pop in every day and will help out with suggestions.

A few months before the red version (show above) which was knit by the talented Dixie I knit a blue version (see below).  I discovered afterwards however that the blue yarn colour was in fact discontinued which is why a second red version was knit!

New Patterns and a KAL!

Last Friday I released two patterns for little girls.

First up is Eilonwy Junior.

You may notice that it bears a resemblance to my grown up pattern Eilonwy.  There are several differences though.  As this is for a little girl I went for long sleeves (plus it is still winter!), and an a-line shape rather than fitted.  Also while I was working I opted to keep the body in one colour, stripes on the body and sleeves just ended up being too much!  Like the original this is knit from the top down with circular yoke shaping.  The delicate daisy stitch works especially well for little girls, a feminine detail without being too much.  I want to thank Madelinetosh for the wonderful yarn, Tosh DK, it was completely perfect for this project!

The second pattern I released was Thirsty Rose.

This cosy cardigan is a warm enough to be used as a jacket for your little girl.  Worked from the top down in one piece, shoulders are shaped using raglan shoulder shaping.  There are large garter stitch cross over front panels that fasten with just one button.  You can see how this create a lovely folded collar.  This cardigan is knit using Donegal Yarns ‘Donegal Soft‘.  Right now their website just shows it sold in cones but they should have a new website within a month or so with this yarn available in skeins from Studio Donegal!  I’m pretty excited about this as this yarn is just wonderful to work with; rustic and soft, magic combination!  In the meantime I believe several Irish yarn shops have it stock; try This Is Knit and The Yarn Room to get your hands on it!

Did you get my newsletter last Friday?  I’ve got a 3 for 2 special offer for my 3 little girl patterns as well as a grown-up Eilowny discount…… (want a peek at the newsletter? Check it out!)

Scrumptious Knits KAL

Do you want to join us in March for a KAL?  Right now on my ravelry board I’ve got voting started for the first KAL (knit a long) from Scrumptious Knits (scroll down the page).  Come place your vote and I’ll have special discounts for all KAL participants!

Making progress

I have been making progress over the last week!

I’m almost finished my final deadline and I’ve got the head space to start dreaming up new ideas.  This feels so very good.  I even got to swatch last night without feeling like I was neglecting work.

I’ve got a finished piece to show you (not blocked yet but getting there!)…my Leitmotif Cardigan.  Yes, it actually has two sleeves, finished right down to the cuff even!  After such a long time it was great to get to wear this over the weekend.

Remember my Hedghog Fibres Blue Faced DK?  It’s now in tidy skeins and  I can feel some very interesting colorwork coming on!  Or maybe I’ll just let the pretty skeins sit on my desk…

I’ve just seen a preview for my newest design, Aurelie Tank from Interweave Spring 2012; you can see a preview of the full mag here. I have to use the magazine photos for this one, it was an insane rush job and I didn’t even have time to photograph it!  It’s worked from the top down in the round starting at the top of the straps.  I became really interested in working with beads last year and this is a really nice way of introducing them into your knitting, the beads on the straps are added every right side row which gives them a much more solid feel than yarn alone for such small straps.  If you wanted a little less bling just choose a bead the same colour as the yarn and the effect will be very subtle.  The hips have got strings of draped beads that create a little triangle of beads.  If this is too many beads for you it can also easily be omitted for a plain body.  If you want a fast knit this is for you – knit and blocked in less than a week!

Finally, have you signed up for my newsletter? (Top left corner…over there!)  I’ll have a couple of patterns coming out later this week and I’ll have a special offer going out in my newsletter at the same time.

Remember this?

Do you remember this cardigan?

This is my version of the Leitmotif Cardigan. This pattern was published in the Fall 2010 issue of Interweave Knits.  Just after I sent their version off I started this one for myself in Cascade Eco+.    I made good progress for a little while and got the first half of the back done that summer.  Then work caught up with me and there was no time for selfish knitting so it sat for several months…..I picked it up again later that winter and got the second side finished.  And then it sat…for a whole year!  Last September I picked it up again and put it in the car.  I intended it to be my ‘waiting in the car project’.  That didn’t work out too well, I managed a sleeve cap and perhaps 2-3 inches of the sleeve. So, I’m almost at the end of my deadline knitting and we’ve had another cold snap.  I’m really mad at myself that I don’t have this cardigan to wear so I started back on it yesterday and finished the sleeve.  This morning I did the second sleeve cap and hopefully I’ll have the sleeve finished tonight so that I’ll have a cardigan to wear tomorrow before it gets warm again!  See that pretty shawl pin, great and useful gift from my Knitmas Gift exchange.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who lets non-deadline knitting languish for 18 months?  I never finish deadline knitting late but when it’s for yourself then no one is going to come screaming at you!