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Some tutorials

I’ve been experimenting a little with my Ipad to record some video tutorials for you. For anyone who has an Ipad you may know how awkward trying to do this is! It’s big enough that you have to lean over it to record just your hands, and to make matters worse, the camera is on the side so you have to work way over to that side to make your hands centered!
So with much effort and I bring you my first two video tutorials for cable cast on and alternate cable cast on.

These cast ons are really useful – I find that I use the cable cast on primarily for underarm areas or the front of the neck when working top down. It tends to leave less gaps than the backwards loop method. I have shown this cast on with the new stitch slipped knit wise from the right hand needle to the left hand needle. I have sometimes done this purl wise and I’m not sure it makes a huge difference? Any opinions out there on this? Would love to hear, just leave a comment letting me know how you slip this stitch after it is created.

I stumbled upon the alternate cable cast on when looking for a substitute for tubular cast on. When working 1×1 ribbing (k1, p1), I just love how a tubular cast on looks. The cast on flows effortlessly into the ribbing and creates a smooth continuous edge. It however takes forever to create, making it hard to suggest in patterns!A  couple of summers ago Woolly Wormhead mentioned alternate cable cast on, which I then promptly forgot only to rediscover it again in the last few months when I wanted a tubular substitute.

So let me introduce you to my Cable Cast On video and my Alternate Cable Cast On video, enjoy!

Family regrouping

We just had a 3 day weekend.

It was so very, very nice.  It feels as though with our lives at the moment that we are permanently running at 150% which is hard to sustain.  It really was a few days out of time for us, all of the boys activities were cancelled over the weekend (as there are 8 different activities that’s fairly significant!).  We got to sleep for an extra hour with no alarm clock in the morning, it really makes a tremendous difference over 3 days!

Saturday was Patrick’s Day.  I’m not really crazy about parades and the chaos but we did our own family version of celebrations.  We started with a walk in the woods, and got very, very muddy!  Then we went out for lunch.  This may not seem like a big deal to you but we realised that it was the first time as a family we had gone out for a meal in a year.  Between the cost and having a child that finds new situations difficult it is often something that we avoid unless necessary.  Anyone who get a chance though, The Pink Elephant in west Cork is well worth a visit :)  Friendly, helpful and very tolerant of kids and mud!  Plus there’s the added bonus that well, you’re eating at a Pink Elephant…..

Just across the road there is a wonderful beach so we got to finish our day out by running our very patient dog (who sat in the car while we ate) on the beach.

Of course I have no photos from the actual day but just so that I don’t have a completely photo less post I’ll give you a bonus shot from the top of our hill from my walk this morning.  I love when it starts turning green again after the winter (ok, so the trees aren’t quite there yet!)

Keeping Busy, and Taupo KAL update!

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, I’ve got a big fat lip courtesy of my oldest darling son!  He decided that his tennis racquet was much better as a sword and lets just say that it didn’t stay in his hand :(  We also seem to be going through the latest series of coughs and colds with another round of doctor visits this morning.  Sometimes I find it so hard to make the call about whether you should go to the doctor with kids, they seem just fine and you are ready to send them off to school… then they start coughing and you send them back in the other direction!

On a different note –

Our Taupo KAL knitters on ravelry are working away hard on their cardigans, come take a look to see how they’re getting on.  Most people have worked through the provisional cast on now and all the different modifications that knitters are making are shining through.  Hopefully we’ll have a few photos to show you in the next few weeks.

On the pattern front – Byzantine Walk is done and the full finished pattern has gone out to everyone that has  pre-ordered!  This is a fun knit, the combination of tweedy merino and slipped stitches in the round is addictive.  Probably how the hat ended up as slouchy, cause a beanie just isn’t enough!

I’m working on an exciting new project at the moment, I can only hint at details for now but I do have a little bitty swatch that will be part of it that I can share….

You may notice that  ‘Soft Donegal’ is peaking through again.  Can’t stop knitting with this yarn!  This is the biggest project I’ve taken on in a while and totally new to me.  It’s very exciting and fun to be working on, I’m looking forward to sharing more details with you.

Byzantine Walk

We have a winner!  Erica is the winner of my random drawing, congratulations.  However as I was working my way thought the great name suggestions that you posted I wanted to add an extra bonus prize for the name I choose, so thank you Jody for the name ‘Byzantine Walk’.  It somehow managed to stick in my head!

So may I introduce to you

Byzantine Walk

I have been playing with this stitch pattern for a long time now.  It looks really different when worked with small and large gauges and with different yarns.  I finally settled on  this yarn with the pattern as I really like the interplay of the yarn texture with the slipped stitches.  At the moment I”m really enjoying texture in my knitting!

If you want to buy this pattern now it is available at a discounted pre-order price of $5, next week when the full pdf is uploaded it’ll go up to its full price.   When you buy now you’ll get an information page about the pattern with all the details.  When the full pattern is uploaded you’ll be sent a link automatically for it.
buy now

On a different note, I’ve just spotted a post on Hedgehog Fibres blog talking about my upcoming class there. Still some spaces….

Help me name the pattern!

I’m planning on putting this pattern up for pre-sale on Ravelry this afternoon:

I have a problem though, I can’t for the life of me name it!  When I look at it I just see the colour (which I love) and want to call it ‘Study in Pink’.  For Joe the folds on the hat remind him of the Shar-Pei dog!

Post your name suggestions below and everyone who posts a name suggestion will be entered into a random draw, you’ll have to be quick though as it’ll  be up for today only.  Who knows, perhaps the perfect name will come to me by this evening!  The winner of the draw will be posted tomorrow and if you don’t win, I’ll also have a pre-order reduced price for the set.

This is set is knit using one of my new favourite yarns, Soft Donegal.  I don’t normally like pale pink but the flecks of purple, blue and cream running thought it completely transform the colour from me and make it very wearable.

They are both knit using a slip stitch pattern that is fast to work but creates a wonderful textured surface that works really well with the tweedy yarn.  The hat uses one of my favourite edges, a folded hem which is created seamlessly.

The cowl is knit in a large size, to create a length that works perfectly wrapped around your neck twice.  I don’t think I’ll every knit a scarf again – a long cowl works so much better and won’t come unwrapped!