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Touring on

I’m having a great time reading about all the visits on the Scrumptious Knits Blog tour.  If you’ve missed a few here are the most recent stops:

On the 17th of April the tour stopped at Ruth of Rock & Purl fame

then on Saturday 21st of April there was a visit to Knitspot with Ann Hanson

and the most recent stop is with Laura Nelkin.

We have a few more stops on the tour over the coming week.  Keep an eye out for Romi and possibly a trip to Jeni at Fyberspates.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has participated on the tour.  I really appreciate the time and thought you’ve put into your reviews.

Growing up so fast..

There’s nothing that makes you feel quite as old as watching your kids grow up.  My oldest had his 14th birthday a few weeks ago and over the last year he  has changed dramatically, it really feels like having another (almost) adult in the house.  What is particularly strange is that I have such clear memories of being 14 myself.  I remember the discos, the music (I see him cringe when U2 comes on the radio and I tell him that that’s what I listened to when I was his age).  It’s an easy time to start feeling somewhat nostalgic yourself.  There’s always a hint of sadness in it for me.  My best friend growing up was killed in a car crash just after her 21st birthday so many of my teenage memories are extra nostalgic.  Every time I hear Sunday Bloody Sunday I find myself thinking of her and wondering what might have been.  How would she have changed as she matured?  Would we still be friends or would we have grown apart over the years and continued to go through experiences at the same time?  My husband seems like a link between the two times – I met him about a year before she died which I suspect is what saved me from totally crashing and burning.


I’m very honored to be part of the Twist Collective once again.  They are such a lovely team to work with and do an amazing job.  The 2012 Spring/Summer magazine is huge!  There are a ton of amazing designs so go check it out!  My contribution this year is a circular shawl called Corona.  You can find it on ravelry here also.

I had so much fun knitting this shawl, it was like seeing a giant sunburst appearing! It was my first time working with Miss Babs yarn and the color was just perfect for the project.  When a friend saw me knitting it she described the color as marmalade but I think the official color is ‘Squash’.

The construction for this shawl is a little unusual, I began with a circle of garter stitch being worked from the side using short rows. When this is complete the start and end of the circle is grafted together.
Then you pick up stitches from around the circle, increase and work the lace to the edge. Finally a knitted on garter edging matches exactly with the garter stitch center.

This would be an easy shawl to modify.  Just work the garter stitch center for half the amount and you could create a semi-circular shawl.  The biggest difference being that you would now have WS rows of lace also, but working from the chart would make it very feasible.

Some giveaways on my blog tour

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the Scrumptious Knits blog tour.  When you’ve finished a collection of patterns by the time you  have photographed them, edited them and finished the full layout you almost forget the original inspiration.  Answering questions on a blog tour is a really interesting process, you find yourself drawing on memories of the design process.  In fact I often find myself falling in love with a collection again.  It’s probably good for me as I tend to have a very short term memory, once something is finished I move on quickly and spend more time looking forward rather than backwards.  I think evaluating a collection through interviews  really helps the design process to become more cohesive and thoughtful.

So far on the blog tour we’ve visited Woolly Wormhead, Ann Kingstone, Stephanie Japel (still an ongoing giveaway!) and today we have Stephannie Tallent who has a second giveaway.

There are several more great stops on this tour, keep following to keep up…I always send out a tweet when there is a new stop so just check out my twitter feed on the right of the page.

It feels so wrong to have a blog post without any photo so I’ve added a gratuitous shot of the pear tree in bloom in my garden :)

You can probably tell, I’ve just begun using Instagram   -  still getting used to it so you’ll probably find some rather odd photos coming from me in the near future.

Scrumptious Blog Tour

A couple of months ago I launched my Scrumptious Knits booklet.  The intervening months have been rather hectic so a little belatedly I’m bringing you the blog tour!  If you’re interested in the origin of the book, how some of the designs came about and perhaps just learning a little about the design process please follow along.  Many of the blog tour stops will also have the added chance of winning a copy of the booklet.

So for your viewing pleasure I bring you our first stop on the tour – Woolly Wormhead.

Recently Lantern Moon began distributing Fyberspates yarn in the US.  As Scrumptious Knits uses Fyberspates yarn they are also distributing my Scrumptious Knits book.  You all probably know that they sell an amazing range of needles, which I’m now really excited to try out.  They sent me some samples of their needles (circular are my favorite as you may have noticed!) I think the first I’m going to try out will be the Ebony Destiny needles, nice tip and super smooth.  As an added bonus their needle tips rotate freely on the wire which should make for very comfortable knitting….or maybe the rosewood will get the first try, decisions decisions!