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More walk photos

I’ll have to re title this blog – pretties I see on my walks!  This is a photo we took at the top of our hill last night while walking.  I never seem to know what’s growing in fields but I’m reliably informed by my dad that this is a field if barley.  I’m astonished sometimes how well the little camera on the I-phone works for some photos.  Are you enjoying the Olympics?  I don’t remember enjoying them so much before but having one of the boys glued to the tv has really made it more fun to watch.  It’s also nice to have so much extra knitting time during the day that’s guilt free.  Somehow I feel guilty whenever I sit down knitting during the day, like I should be up and more busy!

My Craftsy Celtic Cables blog tour is now well under way – the latest stop on the tour was a podcast with The Pagan Knitter and the next stop will be with Anniken Allis.

Now that the Ravi KAL is drawing to a close many of the knitters are asking about the next KAL!  To get an idea of what people are interested in knitting next I’ve put a poll up on the Ravi group here.  I just love polls, the answers are rarely what you expect!  If you’d like to join a future KAL come over and let me know what you’d like to knit and when.

Waiting for the rain to stop

While I wait here for the rain to stop (it will right??) I’ll share a photo I took last week in the woods.  There are a few small local woods that I love going to with the boys, this one is especially nice as it has this lovely river running through it with huge boulders.  I would love to do a photo shoot here some day if I can figure out how to add some extra lighting.

The only thing I ‘m sad about is that our dog will no longer go in the car.  At the end of last year I changed my car to a smaller one and the first time my oldest tried to get him in the back the soft top of the boot (trunk) came down on him and he freaked out.  He’s so bad that he won’t even get into the front seat.  He is way to big to carry and there is absolutely no way he will get into the car.  It makes me so sad as there are so many outings to the woods and beach that he would just love.  We’ve tried treats, toys, putting him on the lead (he just pulls his collar off).  For a big dog he really is one big scaredy cat!

Last week I let you know the line up for my Craftsy Celtic Cable’s blog tour.  Well it’s now underway!  The first stop was on Monday at Yarn Yenta and later today we’ll have Miso Crafty Knits.  In fact there is currently a post on Akoya as her most recent blog post!

Celtic Cables Blog Tour

I’ve been busy for the last few days behind the scenes putting together a blog tour for my Craftsy Celtic Cables class.  If you’re a little nervous about the idea of on online class (or perhaps trying cables in a garment?) then this tour might hopefully answer your questions and help you decide if this class is for you.  Craftsy is my first experience with online teaching.  Before I started the whole process I had a very hard time picturing how it would work!  I just didn’t ‘get’ it.  I’m still amazed at what a great idea these Craftsy courses are, the combination of streaming video and teacher interaction works really well.  As a student I had visions of live online chats that you had to be available for at certain times but this is totally different.  You can of course ask questions all along the way but it fits in really well for teachers and students as the questions and answers link to the section of the video where they’re asked.  This means that they’re available to you as you watch – you can see that several other students had the same question as you!

So follow along on the tour (dates below) to see reviews, interviews and the occasional guest blog post!

23rd July Heatherly Walker of yarn yenta
25th July Melissa Kwan of Miso Crafty Knits
28th July Ursa Hawthorne of The Pagan Knitter Podcast
1st August Anniken Allis
3rd August Vanessa Laven of Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts
7th August Romi
5th August Handmade By Stefanie
9th August A Good Yarn Sarasota
11th August The Sexy Knitter

There is still one more addition to the blog tour but the date are still to be set, check my blog for updates!

Home at last!

I just came back last week after spending 3 weeks in Florida with my family and in-laws.  I love Florida very much but that long with no personal space starts to make me a little crazy :-)  I feel like my head is awash with half formed ideas and plans that make me feel as though I’m just going to burst.

The first week of our holiday was spend listening to the howling of tropical storm Debby.  I have to tell you that beach condos are not very weather proof and it sounded like the wind was going to remove our sliding door.  It made the next few weeks of sunshine extra fun though as we had the memory of so much wind and rain.  Over the next few weeks my youngest learned to swim, we all went kayaking (got to tell you blisters and salt water don’t mix!) and did some drumming on the beach….

On the last weekend of my holiday I did a trunk show at the local yarn store A Good Yarn.  Cos no holiday is complete without a trunk show!  If anyone every gets a chance to pass through Sarasota it’s well worth a visit.  They’ve got a huge selection of yarn and patterns and half of the store is devoted to tables and sofas for you just to hang out and knit in.  I was very jealous that we didn’t have a store like this in Cork so if anyone wants to start one up I’d happily camp out in the corner :-)  I also got my mitts on a pair of Signature needles for the first time – I think I might be in love, although it could prove pricy!

While I was gone a whole lot of stuff seemed to happen in the background – first my Celtic Cable and Short Row classes went live on Craftsy.  I’m having an awful lot of fun talking with knitters on my Celtic Cables class and there is already some who have finished the body!  In the next few weeks I’m putting together a blog tour for my Celtic Cables class so that you can learn a little more about the class, me and the whole process of the class.

As well as my classes the Ravi KAL second clue was released and the knitters on the Ravelry board are talking up a storm.  Most knitters seem to be making their own modifications in the body some for the first time, I couldn’t have envisioned this KAL going better than it is!

The final big knitting event that happened while I was gone was the release of Knitscene Fall 2012.  I have two patterns in this issue:

Prudence Pullover

Prudence Pullover

Bridget Hoodie

Bridget Hoodie

I will post again with more details on these two designs but for now you’ll just have to make do with the pretty pictures :-)