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Woodburne Cardigan KAL

Since the finish of the Ravi KAL I’ve been promising a new KAL.  I want this KAL to be just as special (even if it wasn’t my 100th pattern!) While I was in Denver recording the Crafty classes in June a big box of Briar Rose Fiber’s ‘Fourth of July‘ arrived for me.  This yarn was so squishy and such a perfect color I felt intimidated.  (I’m sure I’m not the only one that this happens to!)  I wanted to make sure that I would do the yarn justice so I took my time.  Over the next few months the cardigan gradually took shape until I ended up with…..

Do you want to see a few more details?

It has pockets…..

It has cables…

It has seamless saddle shoulders….

And of course waist shaping…

I’m hoping that this KAL will be as much fun as the last one, as before I’ll put the KAL up for sale and you’ll initially download an information sheet that will also have a discount code from the very kind Briar Rose Fibers if you chose to use their yarn.  You’ll then have 2 weeks to gather your yarn and needles and to get swatching.  Every 2-3 weeks (longer for first clue as it’s bigger!) I’ll release another clue, with the final clue being released on the 1st of December.  As before I’ll be very active in the group board here and there are many, many wonderful supportive knitters there also!  Every clue will come with tons of suggestions, tips and even the occasional video if a particular technique needs more explanation.

So make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter and you won’t miss the pattern sign-up going live next week!  I can’t wait to get started……


Just a very quick blog post to announce the winner of the Woolly Wormhead Classic Woolly Toppers book giveway – the lucky winner is Jen D so you should just have gotten an email from me!

Anyone who wasn’t so lucky go get your own copy straight from Woolly here.

Keep an eye out next week for something new from me on my blog, should be here soon!

New Autumn Patterns!

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering ideas for Autumn projects.  The end of the summer is when I and many other knitters out there begin thinking about the cooler months to come.  This is when the t-shirts starting going away and wool starts to look and feel good again!  We lit our stove for the first time in months last night so this week seems like the prefect time to release my Autumn Collection.

The collection began before the summer with the skirt… (Mayu Skirt)

I had a vision in my head of a colourwork skirt that would be knitable by even relatively novice colourwork knitters.  When I spoke to Beata of Hedgehog Fibres about the idea she said that her Blue Faced DK would work really well for colourwork (and she was so right!).  I knew the basic colour scheme I wanted to work with but without the actual colours in front of me I couldn’t tell exactly which shades would work best to me so I have Beata to thank for the stunning pop of purple!

This skirt is worked in the round from the bottom up with a folded bottom hem, colourwork band and then intergrated contrasting I-cords and finally a folded waistband that creates a pocket for elastic.  It’s designed to sit at your high hip, so not quite at your waist but not all the way down to the lower hip either.  Lisa from This Is Knit modeled this on Friday at the yarn tasting over a pair of jeans and it really looked stunning!

Once this skirt was finished I still had one skein of Birch and a lot of my contrasting colours left.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to play with different colour combinations and see how reversing the colours looked.  So the Mayu Hat was born.

This hat combines lots that I love about hats, it has a soft, comfortable folded brim (to mirror the folded hem of the skirt) and it is worked long and slouchy for extra comfort, warmth and style.

This reversal of colours would work great for the skirt as well if you wanted to play around with your own colour combinations.  You will notice also that all of the colour work is is before the decreases making it extra easy for stranded colourwork novices.  In the pattern I’ve even put an indicator at each side of the chart to remind you which colour you should have in each hand for that round.

Now that I had two Hedgehog Fibre patterns ready for Autumn I though I’d round it out with a third to make it a complete collection.  The final garment that I designed was the Salamba Jacket.

This Jacket uses the same Birch and Damned Nation colourways as the hat/skirt but it uses a different yarn base.  The Jacket is knit in Hedgehog Fibres Merino Aran for a quick knit that’s warm and elegant.  The jacket is knit from the top down in one piece.  All the raglan I-cords, folded front hems and waist contrasting welts are worked with the garment.  The front edges are stitched in place afterwards as is the folded bottom hem.  I love folded hems so much for clean, elegant lines.  The jacket was left without closures but I got to use my very beautiful shawl pin gift from This Is Knit!  I love how it looks with the jacket.  I think that snap closures would also be lovely with the jacket.

Now if you can’t decide which of my new patterns you’d like to get I’ve made the decision a little easier :-)  Each individually cost $5.95 but buy all 3 for the price of 2 $11.90.  Just add them to your cart below.

Mayu Skirt
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Mayu Hat
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Salamba Jacket
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Would you like to knit the hat or skirt in the yarns I used?  This is Knit has them available in kit form – just get in contact with them!

Classic Woolly Toppers blog tour & giveaway

Over the summer my eldest son began knitting again. This was primarily prompted by his love for hats so it seemed a fairly natural extension that he would love Woolly Wormhead’s designs. In fact it was only a few weeks ago that I blogged about Aeonium that he had just knit for a friend!

During August he was looking around at hat patterns online and came across the Camden Cap and loved it. Then, almost as though it was meant to be, I got an invitation to the Classic Woolly Toppers blog tour. Blogging about my son’s hat knitting progress seemed like a perfect blog tour stop for us – I even got him to write his own thoughts on the knitting progress.

(c) Woolly Wormhead

Before I start talking about specifics of the Camden Cap I’d like to tell you a little about the book. Classic Woolly Toppers is a book of classic hats  with a Wormhead twist! There are 44 pages with 10 designs and the start of the book also includes multiple pages of illustrated tutorials for techniques you may not have previously used.

(c) Woolly Wormhead

Woolly is really a designer after my own heart, she likes to design hats that are just a little quirky, with elements that make sense from a construction point of view. It is an interesting process working through a pattern with my son. We found some Cushendale DK wool in my stash that he liked the colour of and got started.  He hasn’t come across a lot of the techniques before but I’m just teaching him each one as we reach it. We’ve now done the provisional cast on, short rows, picking up wraps and undoing the provisional cast on. We’re currently working on the blocking and moving on to the joining of the hem. The patterns are all so well written that once the technique has been explained he’s well able to go from there to working through the remainder of the hat.  I’m afraid thanks to the imposition of school he hasn’t finished the hat yet but that will be another blog post :-)

Now here, in Caelen’s own words was his experience knitting Camden:

“I discovered this hat when investigating the website of wooly wormhead. I was intrigued by the peak of this hat, as I had never encountered such a design in a piece of knitware before. After expressing this interest to my Mum, I discovered how it worked. As the blog tour of C.W.T. was taking place, I decided to give it a go and show my results. The hat has a very interesting design, I have just moved on from the peak to the brim, and should finish it soon. Knitting together two pieces of wool around a piece of constantly slipping plastic was a first for me, I can confidently say. This hat is by far one of the more challenging knits I’ve done, and I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot knitting it so far. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!”

Knitting in the plastic

Close up of plastic in peek

Finished peek

Starting the brim in the round

For any of you out there who would like to join my son knitting Camden it’s actually Woolly Wormhead’s September KAL!

If you want to check out some of the blog tour stops before me, Subway Knits was the previous stop and the next stop on the tour will be on the 21st of September with Tot Toppers.

And now for the giveaway!! If you’d like a chance to get your hands on a digital copy of this book just put your ravelry name in the comments below with your favourite hat from the book.  I’ll pick a winner on Saturday 22nd of September so get your comment in by then!

Book details:

Classic Woolly Toppers is authored and published by Woolly Wormhead Published July 2012
Print edition:44 pages, full colour, 7.75in x 7.75in, 120g ISBN/EAN13: 1477610952 / 9781477610954 RRP: £12/$17/€15
Digital edition:PDF: 46 pages, full colour, 150DPI, 5MB Product no.: WW204BClassicWoollyToppers RRP: £9/$15/€12

This Is Knit – yarn tasting

I’m very excited to be traveling to Dublin next week to visit The Yarn Tasting at This Is Knit.  This particular event is very close to my heart as it was here last September that I launched my book, Contemporary Irish Knits.  I can’t quite believe that this happened only a year ago, it feels like a lifetime (in a good way of course!) ago.

I’m going to be back again this year and although I don’t have a new book to launch this time I do have a collaboration with Hedgehog Fibres that I’ll be releasing into the wild!  I’ve been busy working on a little collection of Hedgehog Fibre patterns that will be launched at the Yarn Tasting.  Both the skirt and Hat will be available exclusively at the event in kit form (which is especially useful for colourwork) and the jacket will be available as an individual pattern.  In addition to this I’ll also have the final version of Ravi for sale now that the KAL is over.  So if you’re at the tasting come on over and visit me!  All patterns will be available electronically at a later date also.

Here is a little peek at the 3 patterns …. first the skirt in Blue Faced Leicester DK

Next comes the hat, also in Blue Faced Leicester DK (you may notice that this has the colours from the skirt reversed).

The final pattern is a jacket knit in Merino Aran but using the same colourways from the hat and skirt.

I’m feeling quite sad to be finished with the patterns, Hedgehog Fibre yarn is such a pleasure to knit with you just want it to keep going forever…

(Note, so see the smaller photos at a larger size just click on them and it will open up the slide show.)