Knitting With Rainbows Errata

Markdye: P58
Row 30 of chart remove purl ‘dot’ from fourth stitch from left of pattern repeat. Written directions are correct.

Shanakiel: page 61
Star: K3, sl first st over following 2 sts
Reference to ‘slipped’ stitch removed as the stitch was knit.

Half Moon Shawl: p.70

Garter Tab
Next Row (WS):
Sl 1, k2, p1, yo, (p1, yo, p1) into 1 st p1, k3.

Add yo in before double increase (1 more increase needed)

String Of Purls
Row 4 & 6 (WS):
With MC, Sl 1, k2, yo, purl to m…..

This row is purled not knit.

Forge Hill

P. 76, Written Directions, Row 1 (WS): Final p3 is missing from the end of the final bracket.….., k4, (p2, k2) 4 times, p3] 8 times

Row 7 (WS): …..[k4, (p2, k2) 4 times, p3, k4…….
Note: Both Chart and Chart Directions are correct.

All above errata have been corrected in KWR_Digital_v5_20161120 issued November 20th, 2016.