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New Year Sale!

Well everyone I’ve had a rather eventful start to the year. My lovely little puppy was neutered this week but reacted badly to the medication so we had 3 days of 24 hour nursing. Fortunately she’s made a full recovery and is in great shape now!

Over the last 10 days not one but both of our cars have ended up in the garage with my husband driving a rental, while I’m begging and borrowing my mothers car for school pick-ups. Both repairs are very expensive so I thought it would be the perfect time for a January sale!

january sale

From now (16th January) until midnight on the 21st (GMT) you can get 40% off all my self-published patterns and e-books. You can find all of them here on my website or on the ravelry page. Just use code FIXMYCAR (put pattern in cart, click ‘use coupon code’ and put the code in).

You can use this great sale to pick up the newly self-published Cannan Hood (previously a club pattern for The Woolen Rabbit).


Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, I appreciate it so very much!
Feel free to share the coupon code with family and friends.

Craftsy pinning on Pinterest

Do anyone of you out there use Pinterest?  …. otherwise know as the rabbit hole?

I started my account there last year and am trying to figure out the best way to navigate and make use of it.  There are so many layers of use, ranging from ‘oh, that pretty’ through to ‘want to remember that color combination’.  I oscillate in how I use it, sometimes it is business letting people know I’ve got a new pattern but I think the best use for me is for gathering ideas.  You can set up different boards so that you can ‘pin’ in a variety of different ways.

This week I’m one of Craftsy’s Guest Pinners. This means that Craftsy has set up a board just for me where I can share anything I want.  I’m going to be there all week so if you want to follow the eclectic mix of pins I’m sticking up come check it out.

To celebrate this fun week of pinning for me I’m putting a special offer up for my followers. Come buy any of my self-published patterns all week, ‘Add to cart’ (don’t use ‘buy now’) and in the shopping cart click ‘use a coupon code’, add code ‘CRAFTSYPIN’ for a 15% discount until the end of Sunday.

To get a flavour of my Craftsy pinning here are a few –

Clothes mod ideas:

Color combination ideas:

Technology fail

Over the last few weeks I feel like I have a black cloud in relation to technology hanging over me.  Almost 3 weeks ago our phoneline went dead.  I gave it a day or two and contacted the company, apparently it was due to them being bought out by another company and transferring their systems.  So the fault was reported with a 24-48 hour wait…so I waited….no phone.  Next call and I was told that the problem had been solved…however my phone still wasn’t working so I get put on another 24-48 hour wait.  Several more days pass and still no phone go through the same thing and now have to wait until mid-week next week for a engineer.  Don’t you just love the fact that the phone line was cleared without ever calling me to check that the line was working??

To add to my techno woes while at knitcamp my new (just 3 months old) little netbook died on me.  It froze and when I tried starting it up it told me I had a primary hard disk error.  Doesn’t sound too good does it?  As it’s so new it’s still in warranty and can be sent back (of course I don’t have any phone so I needed to make an international call on my mobile to get it sorted out!)

Luckily my last techno issue might actually be something we can fix ourselves.  My desktop computer has been crashing frequently when it sleeps.  DH has been looking into it and it looks like it is a video driver that needed to be updated.  So fingers crossed that it stays working, I’ve had quite enough issues!

On a positive note last week at the end of my Knit Camp visit I had an interview with Robin Hunter posted here.  Go take a look!

Help for Haiti – a very big thank you

A couple of weeks ago I pledged 50% of pattern sales for MSF until the end of January.  This morning I added up the amount I made a donation of $801 to MSF.

Thank you.

Thank you to every knitter who helped to do this, you are such a generous bunch!  I know that many other designers feel this way also, as it it so much more than I would have been ever have been able to donate on a personal level.  I really can’t thank all of you generous knitters out there enough.

The Big Knit

I know a lot of you have probably already come across this already but it can’t hurt to see it again!

We thought you might like to know that we are just about to launch The Big Knit to help keep older people in Ireland warm this winter.

For every innocent smoothie sold in Topaz from 5th November, innocent and Topaz will donate €1 to the charity Age Action.

We’re aiming to knit a huge 20,000 little woolly hats and would love your help. If you’d like to get involved, email and we’ll send you some bits and pieces to help you get started.

Hats off to you,
innocent x

Other Work

I haven’t had a chance to post for a while, I’ve been busy working on a whole lot of non-knitting jobs.  All of my boys were on a mid-term break last week and we had fun with less to do.  It is amazing how little you end up doing in a day though if no one gets dressed until late morning!

I’ve been working on a lace summer knitting top that I have just finished – seems like a long way off before I’ll get a chance to wear it here though.  We had a brief glimpse of sunshine and warmth at the start of the week and it was gone before we got a chance to blink.

My little Opal  socks for my toddler are very nearly complete – just need to graft the toe of the second sock and weave in the yarn and I can post a photo of my proud little boy.