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New Year Sale!

Well everyone I’ve had a rather eventful start to the year. My lovely little puppy was neutered this week but reacted badly to the medication so we had 3 days of 24 hour nursing. Fortunately she’s made a full recovery and is in great shape now!

Over the last 10 days not one but both of our cars have ended up in the garage with my husband driving a rental, while I’m begging and borrowing my mothers car for school pick-ups. Both repairs are very expensive so I thought it would be the perfect time for a January sale!

january sale

From now (16th January) until midnight on the 21st (GMT) you can get 40% off all my self-published patterns and e-books. You can find all of them here on my website or on the ravelry page. Just use code FIXMYCAR (put pattern in cart, click ‘use coupon code’ and put the code in).

You can use this great sale to pick up the newly self-published Cannan Hood (previously a club pattern for The Woolen Rabbit).


Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, I appreciate it so very much!
Feel free to share the coupon code with family and friends.

Help me pick!

Somehow my 200th pattern just sneaked up on me – I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy!
I’ve got 2 patterns finished and ready for layout but I just can’t decide which to do first.

If you can help me decide which comes first I’ll publish on Christmas Eve and give the first 200 copies away for free (with code).

I’ve put the vote up on ravelry here, go tell me which you want to see as my 200th pattern.

They’re both children’s pattern, one is a pink Anzula girl’s tunic and the second is a red Dragonfly boys sweater. Actually the sweater would perfect as a unisex one as well. The sweater photos need to be redone, I attempted to do them myself as hubbie the photographer is away. But the lack of light and difficulty photographing red didn’t make for the best photo shoot!

First up Pink Anzula:




Here’s the next one, Dragonfly Fibers Sweater:



Selfish knitting

It doesn’t happen very often but I’ve actually knit a sweater that I intend to wear occasionally. It’s the curse of being a knitwear designer; it’s so important to keep samples in good condition that you never wear them! This time I wanted to try a different colour combination for Caelius and make a few little changes.

This version is knit in the colour Chevin with stripes in Coal. This combination is more dramatic than the original Bramley Baths and Yorkstone which is much more subtle. You may notice that the edges are still curling a lot, it was very cold yesterday so I was eager to wear the sweater even though it’s not yet blocked! With a sweater that has rolled edges blocking can be used to reduce the amount of curl, I still leave a little bit but it controls it somewhat.

The stripes on the sleeves are a little different from the original, they start further down the sleeve and the second stripe is narrower. This happened accidentally; I was knitting while traveling and I was so busy talking that I went beyond the stripe position! So I modified and changed the position rather than reknit. It still fits the same way, it just looks a little different.

Are you knitting anything from Dovestone Hills yet?


It has been a few years since I’ve published with the Twist Collective and I’m honoured to be part of it again with their winter 2015 issue. My pattern for this issue is Vinca, a top down shawl that uses a textured stitch pattern with a gradient yarn.

Copyright Chrissy Jarvis

In this pattern I was introduced to a new to me yarn, Lilt Sock, by Black Trillium Fibres. It was great timing for me as I’m currently going through a gradient yarn obsession :-) The gradient was in the color periwinkle which blends very smoothly from one colour to the next, with very subtle color shifts from one mini-skein to the next.

When working with gradient yarns I like stitch patterns that bias the fabric, using a series of increases and decreases to gently undulate the knitting so that the transition from one color to the next isn’t a straight line.
This shawl starts at the back of the neck with a delicate cream yarn in garter stitch and then flows into the leaf stitch pattern. This stitch pattern increases outwards at each side of the work and when you get to the bottom edge the pattern is exploded into a larger version before ending with garter stitch.

To create this shawl without a gradient kit you could put together your own series of colors that transitioned well from one to the other. If the colors weren’t close enough together you could also try blending the join by alternating the colors for a few rows of the work when you started a new color to smooth the transition. This is what I did with the Dragon Flames cardigan. When I got to the final quarter of each skein I began alternating rows with the next color.

New pattern – Shaniko!

I’d like to thank all of you for your naming help, I’ve been inundated with names here on my blog, on ravelry, facebook and instagram!
I’ve decided on the name – Shaniko. I both like the sound of the name and the history behind it which seems very fitting!
Congrats to Andrea for picking the winner.
However I want everyone to win on this one so until the 8th of November code ‘IMPERIAL’ will get 20% off the pattern price for everyone :-) You just need to ‘add to cart’ and then you’ll have the option on checkout to use a coupon code.


This is actually one of the longest patterns I’ve ever written, I wanted to demystify more complex patterns so full stitch counts outside each of the charts are given on the raglan and at the waist shaping. Each of the 5 charts is also written out for anyone who dislikes charts and I’ve given details of German Short Rows for working the collar. For short rows in Moss Stitch its definitely the nicest way of working short rows!

Hope you enjoy; this is a great cardigan to keep your mind busy on cables and is super warm when you’re finished.

Blog tours and coming patterns

Last weekend I traveled to Dublin for my Short Row Knits book launch with This Is Knit. It was such an enjoyable day; there was so much love and support from friends and customers I cannot thank you all enough! This Is Knit did a lovely blog post about the event here. I never get photos when I’m doing events, I think I’ll have to find myself a full time photographer to bring along with me :-)

The Short Row Knits blog tour is still running along, with some lovely reviews and great giveaways. Yesterday there was a review from Ann Kingstone and you can find upcoming (or past) stops here.

Next week I’m going to have a new pattern coming out, BUT I’m having a hard time coming up with a name. It’s a cosy, heavily cabled cardigan that uses Imperial Ranch Columbia Yarn. The yarn is rustic but soft, with a subtle colour that can be worn with everything.
I think the name should be rustic and a bit American west – the closest I could come up with was ‘Hickory Chips’.
Do you have any ideas? I’m offering a free pattern if you can find a I name I use!

Irish Yarn Club 2016 is go!

Irish Yarn club 2016

This is the third year that I’m running the Irish Yarn Club with This Is Knit and I’ve never been this excited about it! The Irish Yarn Club this year has got a few really, really exciting developments. Up to this point all yarn has been hand dyed in Ireland but the yarn was all milled elsewhere. For the first time we’re going to have a yarn milled in Donegal by Donegal Yarns and hand dyed by Dublin Dye Company. I’ve had a peek at the yarn and it’s just glorious :-)

But that’s just for starters….Hedgehog Fibres has been producing some out-of-this world colours over the last year. When I went to visit her studio last month I was just blown away with what they’re doing. I think you’ll like her yarn club offering this year!

I want to keep the final yarn from Townhouse Yarns a surprise…it’s a type of yarn dyeing that I’ve fallen totally in love with over the last year and will be so much fun to knit with. I’m not going to give any more away though!

As you can problem tell I’m extraordinarily excited about the club yarns this year, watching them transform into finished knits is going to be even more exciting. Please join me on the adventure.

So are you in? Don’t miss the chance to grab a spot in the club:

Full club membership (yarn & patterns) here.
Pattern only membership here.

Celebrate Short Row Knits with me!

I’ve got an exciting few weeks of promotion ahead of me for Short Row Knits.

knitting and stitching show
This Saturday the 10th of October I’m going to be at the Knitting & Stitch show in London, Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally). I’ll be at the GMC stand (D25) from 2.30-4.00. I will have several samples from the book with me at the show that you can try on and I’m going to be doing Short Row demos. Let me know if there’s a short row technique you’d like to see in person!

The following weekend (Saturday 17th October) I’m going to have my official book launch with This Is Knit in Dublin. From 4.30 to 6.30 come along to celebrate with me! Ask me questions, look through the book, get it signed and try the samples on! To book a free spot at the launch visit here.

Have you been following along on the Short Row Knits blog tour? There have been guest posts, book and technique reviews with tons of book and yarn giveaways!
The current stop on the tour is with the fantastic designer, teacher & tech editor Kate Atherley go read it here.

Short Row Knits Blog Tour

Well everyone the time has come, Short Row Knits has been officially released!
short row knits

I’ve been working on this book for nearly 2 years so it’s just wonderful to see it well received. In fact, the book is being printed 24 hours after it was launched :-)
If you’d like to see more about the individual projects you can check the patterns out on ravelry. There’s also lots of discussion about the book on my ravelry forum, with some requests for a Short Row Knits KAL!

If you want to learn more about the book and the patterns in the book then please following along on our blog tour that will begin tomorrow. Each stop on the tour will have a different aspect of the book covered with lots of giveaways and prizes along the way!

Blog Tour Details

Short rows & KALs

So September is turning out to be a super busy month! On the 1st of September I launched my Mithral KAL in partnership with Fyberspates. Tons of wonderful LYS have signed on and the buzz is just fantastic! If a store is near you go ahead and check them out. You can also purchase the pattern directly from me as always. Until the end of September the KAL will come with the Mithral Hat. This uses the same yarn as the sweater and the same lace pattern so you create a useable swatch!!
Come join us on ravelry here, lot of introductions going on.

First clue is released on October 1st so get your yarn ready to swatch!

If you’ve been following my instagram and twitter feed you may be noticing a few sneaky looks at my upcoming Short Row Knits Book – it’s being ofered for an amazingly low price on Amazon right now and it’s sitting at number 1 in knitting books :-)

Short Row Knits

To watch patterns as they’re added daily you can check the ravelry page out for the book here. The book will officially be released in the US on the 15th of September. The European release date is a little later but to celebrate we’re going to have a rockin’ book launch at This Is Knit in Dublin on the 17th of October. Come book your spot :-)