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Berry Creek

A few months ago a DC yarn store, Looped Yarn Works, approached me to do a design for them. This design was specifically for the Metro Yarn Crawl. Impressively this area boasts an amazing 11 yarn stores, coming from an area where yarn stores are thin on the ground the idea of having enough to do a yarn crawl made me rather envious!

Looped Yarn Works is one of Quince & Co’s flagship stores so they sent me on some lovely Chickadee to do the design in. The resulting pattern that I created was Berry Creek. This pattern was initially exclusive to the store for the duration of the yarn crawl but now I get to release it for everyone else :-) There’s a automatic $1 discount on the pattern until April 21st!

berry creek

I wanted to design a cardigan that was a perfect spring/summer layer. It has been designed with short sleeves, a ribbed lace pattern and smooth a-line side shaping. The ribbed lace flows straight into the ribbed bodice with raglan shoulder shaping and a v-neck. I’ve shown it styled over a longer top (it’s still really cold here in Ireland!) but you could wear it buttoned over a tank for a summer style.

If you like your cardigan with longer sleeves all you’d have to do is start your sleeves separately and then add them instead of casting on your sleeve stitches at the start of the yoke. It wouldn’t be a hard modification to make.

berry creek

So get knitting and let me know on my board what modifications you’re going to make.

Berry Creek

Sandy Cove

sandy cove
I gave you a little peek at this cardigan last week, but I’m now putting it up for pre-sale with a discount. Plus it’s now got a name – Sandy Cove.

This cardigan was knit from just 2 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. It is such a lightweight yarn that I wanted to create a perfect spring/summer cardigan. Lightweight, but with enough sleeves that it will warm you in a cool breeze. Cropped with a slim style that won’t overwhelm your lightweight outfit. I’ve bought a few cardigans with the same idea but I wanted to knit the perfect version for myself.

This cardigan is knit using one of my favorite techniques, top down with short row set in sleeves. As I had a smaller amount of yarn I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out. For this reason I created a cardigan that was snug fitting, with some negative ease. The body of the cardigan is fitted and it is designed to finish just below your waist. The sleeves are 3/4 length, which I think is a really flattering length. The details I’ve added at the front of the neck and across the top of the back are designed to be simple and delicate to retain the simplicity of the design.

BUT, if you want to make a few changes it’s pretty easy to do.

Don’t like negative ease? Go ahead and knit a bigger size!

Want an longer cardigan? Work some increases after the waist before you work the edge ribbing (just make sure you have extra yarn!)

Short or long sleeves suit you better than 3/4 length? They’re worked top down so knit to your desired length. You’ll only need to add a couple of extra decreases for a longer length and you can check the size by fitting as you go.

If you want some input on any changes you’re making along the way come join the KAL that A Good Yarn is hosting on their ravelry board here. It will be starting on the 10th of February when the full pattern is released. Please join in and I’ll pop in to answer any questions as they come up!

(BTW the yarn used for the pattern was an exclusive colorway ‘Midnight Pass’ that was dyed for A Good Yarn).

SCRUMPTIOUS COLLECTION WINNER! I’m happy to congratulate Anne Marie on winning a copy of this collection. An email is winging it’s way to you :-)

sandy cove sandy cove sandy cove

Among Stones, individually!

Last month I ran a survey on ravelry to see what pattern you wanted released first from Among Stones. We had a very clear winner with Dacite, but Gabbro came a close second. I’ve gone ahead and released both patterns with a bonus; 25% off for one week if you use code ‘indivas’. To use the code, click ‘add to cart’ then in the shopping cart click ‘use a coupon code’ and enter code ‘indivas’.

I think Dacite is my go-to cardigan from the book. It’s easy to knit and easy to wear with a lot of different looks. In fact when I was showing it at TNNA people thought it was two different cardigans. The idea for this came from the child’s cardigan, Thirsty Rose. This is a simple top down raglan cardigan with a large crossover at the front. but Dacite is very much a grown-up version with waist shaping and a clean, I-cord finish.

You can wear it open with the fronts draped.


You can button the top and fold the front collar over on itself.


It’s even possible to cross the fronts and pin them lower down so you have larger fold over lapels.

Gabbro is a very different garment. Light and delicate, it’s knit from a fingering weight yarn and is well suited to spring or cool summer weather.


Also knit from the top down, you can see the delicate diamond lace detail at the neckline.


There is a single panel of lace down the body that opens out into unusual short row hem shaping.


Go knit yourself a new year top and spoil yourself!


Last week I was delighted to be part of Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People 6. My contribution was Carpino.

The idea for this sweater came to me over a year ago. I wanted to create a sweatshirt like top that was really easy to wear and very comfortable. But I didn’t want a standard sweatshirt, the front was going to have a lace panel. But not fussy lace, a delicate texture lace. In fact the lace is so subtle I had someone on ravelry ask me where the lace was :-)

A lot of the details in this sweater are very subtle. It is designed from the top down with raglan shoulder shaping. But it’s not standard raglan shoulder shaping, it begins with the top of the sleeves a little wider and not increases for the first few inches. This creates an effect similar to a saddle shoulder. The edge of the neck is finished very minimally when you’ve finished knitting with an applied I-cord.

The front lace panel continues right down to the hem of the body but very gentle shaping is added at the center of the back. It would be easy to increase or decrease this shaping as needed for your own body type. The sleeves are knitted to be 3/4 sleeve length but again as it is worked from the top down it would not be difficult to change the length to suit yourself.

When I took some of my own photos I tried it on over a dress as well as with jeans, I think it could be work in a variety of ways. How do you think you’ll wear your Carpino?

Grenander Cowl

Last summer Sundara asked if I’d like to design a pattern using an exclusive color she was producing for October (Truth). I jumped at the chance, it’s been a few years since I’ve used her yarns and they are such a pleasure to knit with.

I produced a cowl, Grenadner, that uses just under 2 skeins of Aran Silky Merino and is designed to be worn many different ways.

Doubled up around the neck -

Long and open -

Pinned around your shoulders -

This large cowl is fast to knit, it’s worked from side to side using a stepped pattern with some garter stitch short row shaping. This is what allows it to be so versatile, it can drape around your shoulders.

So get a jump start on your holiday knitting :-)

As an added bonus I’ve got a special offer running right now as well, until November 15th when you by two or more accessory patterns you automatically get 30% off the patterns! No limit to the pattern number you buy and no code needed. Discount applies automatically.

So what patterns apply? My accessory patterns are as follows:

Portulaca Cardigan for sale

You may remember last year I designed a brand new pattern, Portulaca, for my first Craftsy Class, Celtic Cables. When it was first released it was an exclusive pattern for Craftsy but it’s now available to purchase! I’ve had a few requests over the last year for this cardigan so I’m happy to get it out there for you.


add to cart

This is a bottom up seamless cabled cardigan. You can see below that there’s waist shaping at the the side between the cables. It’s even possible to add extra waist shaping to cross those side cables over if you wanted a really ‘cinched in’ look at the waist.

You can see here as well that the neckline is a gentle scoop that is flattering but still high enough that its very wearable. The yarn for this cardigan is one of my favorites, Studio Donegal Soft Merino. It’s soft, tweedy and there are some lovely colours available. So get your cables on, after all the winter is coming…

New patterns and KAL end/start

It feels like this  is going to end up more like a weekly round up than a blog post! It’s been a very busy week, there has been a lot of activity in knitting land :-)

To start things off let me introduce you to my newest self-published pattern – Nishibi.

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This was my first time knitting with Plucky Knitter yarn – I used Primo Sport and found it just beautiful to work with! It looks like they are low on this base at the moment but for a substitute yarn I’d suggest looking for a yarn that is primarily wool with a high twist and really good stitch definition. This really helps when you’re working with ribbing as they just jump out!
So how is the design constructed? This is a top down sweater with set-in sleeve caps worked also from the top down with short rows. The biasing is created using a series of increases and decreases worked along the central panels, in fact the biasing effect creates such a strong line it does all the neck and hem shaping for you! There’s also some waist shaping, again I love waist shaping with ribbing as I like to watch ribbing increase and decrease down a line. I just love those lines!

Among Stones KAL ending!

Did you know that the Among Stones KAL is almost over? If you’ve got a photo of a finished piece make sure to add it to the FO thread so you’ll be in for a chance to win!

Autumn Whispers KAL Starting….

As with most things in life when one thing ends another begins :-) So too with KAL, due to popular demand there will be a KAL for Autumn Whispers starting here tomorrow, October 1st.

I have a few more new patterns from magazines to share with you but I think they can wait for another day…

Autumn Whispers

Last year I became aware of a new method of shoulder construction, the Contiguous Method, and I was fascinated. I keep looking it over but didn’t have enough time to really jump in and explore properly.

A few months ago I spent some time figuring out how this worked. I really like the nicely shaped shoulder it creates but I wanted to be sure that I could easily control the numbers so that my neck, back and sleeve would all be sized correctly as well. the end result is my latest design, Autumn Whispers. This is currently on pre-order (so you get an info page with the pattern arriving at the end of the week when the discount is over).

As always I tent to tinker a little with constructions so I’ve made a few little modifications from a standard contiguous construction. To begin with I wanted the back of my neck raised for the design so I didn’t add increases at the back of the neck. Next change comes with the top of the shoulder, usually there are only a couple of stitches left for the sleeve but I wanted the sleeves to more directly mirror a set-in sleeve construction. For this reason I left a few more stitches at the top of the sleeve and then when I was working the sleeve increases I spaced them as you would have with a set-in sleeve. This means that they start very close together, space further apart and then finally at the underarm the become more frequent again as you curve into the underarm area.

Once the yoke of the sweater is complete the rest of the garment is finished in a standard method for top down.

This garment is an easy one to modify. I had just 2 skeins of yarn so I kept my sample very fitted, the sleeves are short and the front panels are not designed to meet. If you wanted to modify a little you’ll find instructions in the pattern for 3/4 length sleeves. Also, if you wanted a cardigan to button all you’d need to do is knit the front panels wide enough to cross and add buttonholes. Do be aware that this will create a deeper collar that will fold at the back of the neck.

Check out my brief video describing the basic set-up for Autumn Whispers.

I’ve had a few requests for a KAL, I’m also doing the Craftsy October mystery KAL so it’s going to be a little more informal. I’m always available to answer questions though!

Trunk Show in Sarasota

I’ve been quiet for the last 10 days as I’ve been on holiday in Sarasota, Florida with my family.  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a holiday this much before! We’re not doing anything…beach and pool every day and lots of barbeques, but it’s so relaxing. I think it feels so good because this has been a crazy year. Knitwear design started slowly but this year was full on hard work. It’s all fun but there is just lots to do. These days my ‘to-do’ list and my ‘waiting in the wings’ list are both equally long…a good sign but busy!

So thanks to this holiday computer work has taken a back seat. I finished writing up several designs before I traveled so that all I have to do while I was away was knit :-)

I do however get to do the fun stuff, like visiting yarn stores. Sarasota has a great yarn store, A Good Yarn. Every year that I come here this shop has expanded. This year they’ve added a whole extra needlepoint room. Last week I dropped off all my samples from Among Stones plus a few extra. If you want to get your book signed or maybe to talk about yarn choices come along to the store next Saturday, 17th of August from 1-4 and I’ll be there.

Let me know if you’re living close by and can come on Saturday, I’m looking forward to it!