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What’s on the Needles

Spritz Stripes
When I’m working at knitting shows I love wearing my handknits. There is however a slight problem; it’s usually really HOT! My solution is wearing handknit garments that are lightweight and airy.

For the last few years I’ve worn Spritz Stripes for every show. It’s the perfect sweater for over a light tank top and gives you just the right amount of warmth. The version I’ve been wearing is knit in Madelintosh Tosh Light which is a heavy fingering weight yarn. I wanted to knit a brand new version in my Nua yarn. However Nua is a sport weight yarn so the gauge won’t be the same.

I did a gauge swatch and found that I got 14 sts instead of 16 sts per 4″ in the lace pattern. Fortunately the row gauge seems to be the same which will make calculations just a little easier! When I’m done I’ll do a new version of the pattern in the new gauge. As an added bonus it’ll mean that it knits up that much faster!

Ravi Junior

A few months ago I knit a new version of Ravi Junior in Angry Monkey. The beautiful model is Evin’s little boy (photos by Evin also).

This sample took just over 2 skeins of yarn and it makes such a cute baby gift!

Nadia’s Akoya

Nadia has been busy knitting up a version of Akoya in Nua (Bare Necessities). She’s just getting started with it but I think even with the ribbing it is going to be so lovely in this natural colour!

Secret Nua

Well as the title says – this is a secret knit… I’m really happy with how the collar turned out so I’ll just give you a small peek of that.

Santa Rosa Plum Colour Choices

Last summer Santa Rosa Plum was the spring KAL. The cardigan for the KAL was knit in a custom gradient from Blue Moon Fiber Arts but there were a few single colour versions that were just beautiful (you can see all of them here). The gauge for this cardigan is the same as for Nua yarn so I want to get a sample knit in Nua. However I keep swinging between doing a single colour and putting a Nua gradient together. What do you think? Here is a potential colour choice.

Sugarcane KAL
The yarn shipment for the Sugarcane Cardigan KAL is on it’s way to me right now so I should be able to start shipping the preorders out by the end of the week! Are you joining in? Still lots of time to get your yarn order in.
The discussion is starting already on the ravelry group here and I’ve put a little video together discussing choices for finishing the collar.

Sick days and new patterns

I’m sitting at home this morning with a sick little one.  Nothing too bad, just a temperature right now and I’m waiting to see if it gets any worse from here.  I do however feel somewhat guilty as when he’s home sick I usually get tons of work done…no early school collection and he usually takes a huge sleep mid-morning.  Bad mommy me.

In between my never ending edits I have released my newest pattern Akoya.  If you click through on the name you’ll get full details of the pattern and lots more photos.  I’ll post my favorite below again though!

The version shown above is actually the second version of the cardigan.  It was knit by the talented Dixie using Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply/sportsweight.  This yarn makes a really floaty lightweight cardigan.  The lovely sheen and stitch definition really help the details to pop out as well.

The first version I knit was from Rowan Felted Tweed DK.  It doesn’t quite have all of the fine details worked out yet but the basic shape and idea is the same.  For me it is very wearable due to the dark color but it doesn’t really help for photography!

I started knitting this version for myself at Christmas.  Usually when I start knitting I have a fairly firm idea in my head of where a design is going but this was definitely more of a free form process with the details emerging as it was knit.  This meant that when it was finished there were several tweaks that needed to be made (mainly with cable and lace panels) to make it just perfect….hence the second Fyberspates version that is just right (I’m feeling like Goldilocks!).