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Let me tell you a Secret

I’ve been hinting about this for a few months but the time has come to share, I’m doing a brand new yarn, Nua! I’ve spent the last year planning the yarn and colours with Fyberspates and last weekend I went to Birmingham to launch the yarn to shops. So if you want to see it in your local yarn shop tell them to get in contact with Fyberspates.
If you want to get your hands on the yarn I’ll have a small amount of it up for sale on Wednesday 1st of March here on my website. But the following week (10th and 11th March, 2017) I’ll be at Edinburgh Yarn Festival with as much yarn as I can bring :-)….plus I’ll have kits and the Nua Collection Volume 1.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

So now that you know how to get the yarn I want to tell you a little bit about it. It’s a non-superwash yarn (I prefer this for garments) in a sport weight with 50g skeins. I love this weight of yarn as it’s useful for so many things; garments aren’t too heavy but it still doesn’t take forever to knit and it’s light enough that colourwork looks really good in it. By keeping the skeins smaller it’s much easier to combine colours without ending up with too much leftovers.
The fibre blend of the yarn is 60% merino, 20% yak and 20% linen and it’s spun in south America. The addition of linen and yak create a very unique yarn. Yak is very, very soft and linen as a plant fibre adds some durability. These two additions to the fibre blend also have some very nice side effects. Yak is a darker fibre (the colour, Bare Necessities shown above is the undyed colour) which means that the whole colour palette of the yarn becomes more muted and subtle. Linen fibre absorbs dye differently which means that the lighter specks of linen show through the yarn which creates a natural tweed effect. My friend Evin described the yarn as ‘sophisticated yet rustic’ which I think sums it up nicely.
Some of you may recognise Ravi above. This is one of 4 patterns in the Nua Collection Volume 1 that will be released next Wednesday at the same time as the yarn. It is a redesigned version of Ravi (Ravi Nua) as I’ve changed the short rows to German, added extra length and due to the extra length added some increases at the bottom of the hip. If you’ve previously purchased Ravi (on my website or Ravelry) you’ll get €3.00 off either Ravi Nua or Nua Collection Volume 1 (digital version only).
Over the coming days I’ll reveal details of the new patterns coming Wednesday. For anyone curious about names the yarn name NUA means ‘new’ in Irish so it seemed like a very appropriate name!
So does this sound like a yarn you’d like to knit with?
Rolling Bales

Rolling Bales

Iced Iced Baby

Hello everyone, I’m Nadia and you will see a little bit of me here on Carol’s blog in the future. Some of you may know me from putting very nice yarn in your hands in This Is Knit or from gushing about gardening and crafts on Ravelry as Bunnyt. I’m more than a little excited to be here and this week I have an autumnal inspired post for you.  

I was having a look through the Stolen Stitches patterns on Ravelry and I really wasn’t surprised that Iced has the highest number of projects of Carol’s on Ravelry. This time of year with the cold air seeping in, this is exactly the type of garment that I would choose to knit, just like the 1,749 of you that also reached for it!


Iced in Garnstudio Drops Ice

So I asked myself, why is this cardigan popular?

Is it the relaxed ease of knitting a garment on chunky needles for a satisfying quick knit? Or the ease of a top down knit with raglan increases? Or the flattering waist shaping that gives a bulky garment a touch of feminine class? I fear, I may never know what all of you were thinking! But it was appealing and approachable enough to become some knitters first or second try at a knitted garment – I bet Carol is so pleased! Just have a look at this Iced by HHorncastle on Ravelry. It was her first raglan and I happen to know she’s over the moon with it and it matches her car too. Double win! 

HHorncastle's Iced

HHorncastle’s Iced

Iced is also a good introduction to short rows and top down knitting.

Never knitted a short row? Well we have you covered!

The tutorial section explains how to do these garter stitch short rows and you can access it whenever you are ready to approach them!

Wait, you say you have tried short rows but you want to take it to the next level? Then the Craftsy class on Essential Short Row Techniques is the place to be. The best thing about these classes is you can take them at your leisure and referencing back to them is easy and you have access forever. If you want to check it out, you can see the free short row class here.

I hear you, it’s a popular pattern but I only knit for the smaller humans among us. The Iced pattern was so popular, there is even a teeny tiny sized Iceling, this time in Aran weight for the smaller bodies. A perfect quick knit for those little arrivals this time of year and topped off with a toasty little hat, I mean just look at these happy faces:

carols iceling

TheaPurls' Iceling

TheaPurls’ Iceling

Tricoternana's Iceling

Tricoternana’s Iceling

I hope I’ve inspired you to pick up your knitting in the way that Autumn has inspired me to knit all the things! Wondering what’s going on here in the land of Stolen Stitches? The Luwan KAL has just been released for pre-sale and you can check that out over on Ravelry. There is also a dedicated group for the KAL and now is the perfect time to pop in and make some introductions.

The Knitting with Rainbows is just finishing up on October 10th, so those of you with wips on the needles, I foresee a busy weekend ahead! You can check the current FO’s out here. If you just want to hangout and have a chat with us, you can do that over in the Ravelry group or drop a comment on the blog. We really do love chatting to all of you, in fact stop what your doing right now and head on over there and drop in and say hi!

See you next week!

Psst – Are you hosting a KAL with one of Carol’s patterns? She would love to see them, so try and tag all your wips, FO’s, Instagram posts with #stolenstitches so we can all see too and you never know what might happen!



Short rows & KALs

So September is turning out to be a super busy month! On the 1st of September I launched my Mithral KAL in partnership with Fyberspates. Tons of wonderful LYS have signed on and the buzz is just fantastic! If a store is near you go ahead and check them out. You can also purchase the pattern directly from me as always. Until the end of September the KAL will come with the Mithral Hat. This uses the same yarn as the sweater and the same lace pattern so you create a useable swatch!!
Come join us on ravelry here, lot of introductions going on.

First clue is released on October 1st so get your yarn ready to swatch!

If you’ve been following my instagram and twitter feed you may be noticing a few sneaky looks at my upcoming Short Row Knits Book – it’s being ofered for an amazingly low price on Amazon right now and it’s sitting at number 1 in knitting books :-)

Short Row Knits

To watch patterns as they’re added daily you can check the ravelry page out for the book here. The book will officially be released in the US on the 15th of September. The European release date is a little later but to celebrate we’re going to have a rockin’ book launch at This Is Knit in Dublin on the 17th of October. Come book your spot :-)

Deep breaths, I’m almost there!

I’ve been hinting a little over the last few months at another medium size project I’ve been working on.  It’s a pattern collection called ‘Scrumptious Knits‘ in collaboration with Fyberspates using their aptly names ‘Scrumptious’ yarns.  I’ve done a few individual designs using Scrumptious before but the range of yarn weights and colours available really begged for a more substantial collection.  Jen (who owns Fyberspates) is busy expanding the business with a new American distributor (Lantern Moon) as well as rolling the yarn out in many UK and Irish shops so it seemed like the perfect time to put the collection together.  The fact that Jen is so much fun to work with makes it always a good time to work with her :)

So, now the knitting is finished, the test knitters have finished and the tech editor has done her work.  A few weeks ago I had great fun doing a photoshoot with Joe downtown in Cork.  The photos were taken in Fitzgerald’s park by the skate park and on the shaky bridge and below UCC by the Glucksman gallery.  (In case you’re wondering, the shaky bridge really is shaky…we had to wait for people to pass between shots as it bounces so much!)  The final steps are now out of my hands, Joe is putting the final layout together and then its off to the printer!!  I’m both excited and really nervous about getting my first booklet printed as its a bigger money investment than I’ve done before.

Because of that I’ve got it up for pre-order while the layout is being finished.  This should bring in enough funds that the printing won’t involve the credit card :)  For anyone thinking about pre ordering I’ve put a nice package together for you, you not only get a reduced price but also an exclusive bonus pattern ‘Ignus Junior’.  This offer will expire once the full ebooklet is released in mid-December.

To buy a print version of the booklet please visit Fyberspates.  A 20% discount coupon for a print version will be included with your electronic purchase.  This will also apply if you buy a hard copy of the booklet first, you’ll have a single use coupon for a discount on the electronic version.

Yarn shops may pre-order this booklet also, find all my distributors on my wholesale page (Fyberspates, Lantern Moon and Deep South Fibers).  If you’ve got a LYS that you’d like to see the booklet in tell them to get in contact!

I’ll leave you with a few shots from the book but you can see a little more descriptions on the Scrumptious Knits page or the ravelry page.  I’ll blog a little more about each pattern over the next week or two so you can read about the design and construction process.

Baby Iced Cardi and hat

After Iced was published this Summer I began thinking about a baby/child version.  I wanted to keep the basic structure and feel of the cardigan the same but make it more suitable for a smaller body.

It’ll still be top down raglan construction with a large double breasted front band but the yarn weight I used is an aran weight so there is less bulk for a child.  I’ve put a fairly extensive size range together from 3 month up to 10 years.  The body will still be short as in the original but I’ve lengthened the sleeves and added a large garter stitch bottom band.  The whole cardigan is designed to grow with the child, the wrist bands can fold back when they’re small and then be unfolded when older.  The double breasted front can be fastened on the second set of buttons to also extend its useful life.

We met up with Tracy yesterday and took some photos of her beautiful 5 week old.  I think he looks just adorable in his Iced baby set!  The yarn was kindly donated by Jeni of Fyberspates, and the set took just two skeins of Scrumptious Aran (in Cherry). I’ve also knit a larger size for my niece for Christmas in Sarah’s (AKA Babylonglegs) Radiance Aran and the multi-colored yarn looks pretty wonderful in garter stitch knit in different directions!

I keep calling this set Iced Baby (cue the Vanilla Ice song) perhaps I should go find a new name?!?

This pattern should be up and available in the next few weeks, it is such a fast easy knit I think that I may be a little addicted to it (just finished another  hat for my 4 year old!)

Still working on that cardigan

Ok, so I think that I’ll have that pdf finished in the next few days. The cardigan will be called ‘Ripley’…see if you can figure out why! Here are a few photos until you can get the final pdf.
This cardigan started out as an idea that I test out on a mini-cardigan to see if you could make the front for a cardigan and collar all one piece.



I really liked the end effect so went on to try it in an adult size with Elann Incense in Navy and this was the result.

Ripley in Navy Elann Incense

Trilo in Navy Elann Incense

Now I love this cardigan so much that I wanted to see what it would look like in different yarns, Sue worked a pink version in Manos del Uraguay, very pretty don’t you think?

Ripley, Pink Manos del Uraguay

Trilo, Pink Manos del Uraguay

Finally a few weeks ago I finished an Olive version with Fyberspates Scrumptious kindly donated by Jen. This yarn creates a super lightweight cardigan that just floats.
I enjoyed knitting the second version as much as the first (very unusual for me!), it has a good mixture between fast easy knitting with some interest thrown in so you don’t get bored. I think the Olive version was knit in less than two weeks!

Ripley, Fyberspates Olive Scrumptious

Trilo, Fyberspates Olive Scrumptious

I’ll leave you with a detail of the shoulder decreases from Sue’s pink version.

Ripley shoulder detail

Trilo shoulder detail