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A Nua Kind Of Inspiration

I know so many of you are excited about Nua and have ordered it in garment quantities, so I’m here today to share my thoughts or in other words be that knitty enabler on your shoulder and recommend some patterns. I hope this inspires you to not just pet with your new yarn but to cast on and play too!

Ravi in Nua colourway Rolling Bales


It’s funny how shawl patterns can stay in your mind, it’s almost like they are waiting for just the right type of yarn to run through your fingers. When I touched Nua for the first time, my mind went straight to these two shawls. Maenad , with is long shallow construction is easy to wear and interesting but relaxing to knit. I was thinking of combining Bare Necessities and Capall together as a bi-colour option to make that lace border really pop.

Penrose Tile

Now I know some of you have itchy lace knitting fingers and if you wanted a little more lace in your shawl construction then Penrose Tile is perfect. You can choose to knit this in one or two colours but I’m dreaming of a dramatic red Angry Monkey shawl. With short rows and lace worked in a modular construction, this shawl takes you on a beautiful construction journey from start to finish.


I have to admit when Carol let me play (cough) I mean knit with Nua, my mind instantly went to Akoya and I wanted to knit it in Bare Necessities. The beautifully fitted construction with cable and lace panels along with the sleeve detail! Oh my, I was hooked. So much so, I’m currently working on a tension square. 


Now I realise that some of you might like the lace but want a little more length in their cardigan so I suggest having a look at Santa Rosa Plum. My vision of the Santa Rosa cardigan in Nua is a blue gradient where you start with the beautiful soft tones of Kitten Fluff before working in Unexpected Macaw and ending in the deep tones of August Storms. You can tell I thought about this for a while, can’t you? Just have a look at those colours together below:

Nua yarn in colourways Kitten Fluff, Unexpected Mccaw and August Storms.

I know there are some of you who prefer working in the round to really enjoy a new yarn and to you, I say, pop on over and have a look at Dusty Road. I think this would be a fantastic Spring sweater in the rolling bales colourway. The deep warm yellow would show off the delicate lace sleeves perfectly.

And don’t forget the little ones

Finally, to those generous souls among us, who prefer to try out a new yarn on sweaters for the little humans, I suggest Ravi Junior.  in the mosquito coast colourway. The simplicity of the Ravi cardigan is perfect to show off the blend of fibres in Nua and is also perfect as a gift knit. Baby knits are a good way to try out new construction methods without the pressure of finishing an adult sized sweater.

Ravi Junior

Carol also has some Nua up for grabs in a lovely competition and a discount code for Nua Collection Volume 1 in her latest blog post here and to top it off there is a nice project bag up for grabs too! You can also pick up all of the above mentioned Nua colourways over here. Have I inspired you? Why not tell me what garment you’re dreaming of in the lovely Nua yarn?

More new patterns & KAL winners.

We’ve got some winners from our Among Stones KAL!

Congratulations to carolynba who knit Dacite, she’s won the stack of Dongeal Yarn.

And a second congratulations to mataharimau who has won the Maiden Hair and beads and here is her Gabbro:

Now for those new patterns I promised you yesterday.

The first pattern is Penrose Tile from a brand new spinning magazine, Ply:

Creating this pattern was a treat for me, I don’t have a lot of experience with hand spun yarns and it was daunting (but exciting!) getting to suggest colors and combinations that I wanted for the shawl. They created two yarns for me, one was a striped yarn that moved from yellow to brown and the second yarn was one of the browns from the stripes in a solid color. The shawl starts at the top and uses a series of short rows and increases to create ’tiles’ in garter and lace across the top of the shawl. You might be able to tell, I had a lot of fun playing with short rows on this shawl!

The second pattern of mine that has been released in the last month is Clear Creek Pullover from the Fall Issue of Interweave.

I love how this sweater has been photographed, the model is beautiful but earthy and you can’t beat outdoor photography. It was Lisa Shroyer’s first photo shoot as the editor of Interweave and I’m really looking forward to where she goes from here!

This design was kept deliberately simple, top down with dropped stitch details and a circular yoke. It’s in a yarn that I love to use, Madelinetosh ‘Pashmina’ that feels great to knit with. I was worried that the yarn color variations would dominate too much but I think it works in the end?